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Beau @ Moon Mountain Sanctuary


Moon Mountain exists because of Beau.


Beau is our senior horse and as his riding days drew to a close we looked for a property where he could enjoy his retirement. Moon Mountain was bought for Beau.

Beau & Dorado @ Moon Mountain Sanctuary
Moon Mountain Sanctuary Brumbies & Domestic Herd
Yannee @ Moon Mountain Sanctuary


Yannee was on the "change owners merry go round" that so often ends sadly for the horse. Lynn rescued him from that distressing life and it has taken years for Yannee to really believe he has found his forever herd. 

Beau & Yannee @ Moon Mountain Sanctuary
Yannee, Beau & Zippin @ Moon Mountain Sanctuary
Zippin @ Moon Mountain Sanctuary


Zippin grew up trail riding around Australia with a cow cocky who enjoyed trial riding.










It must have been a rough and tumble experience for Zippin and he still carries those scars. Lynn understands these challenges and makes allowances for Zippin's personality. When they go riding together  it is gentle walks along the forest trails. Zippin loves getting out in the forest and is proud to be the horse Lynn chooses to take.


Zippin @ Moon Mountain Sanctuary
Zippin & Sakima @ Moon Mountain Sanctuary

Contact Lynn for


Horse Clinics 

Moon Mountain Sanctuary is offering a one day horse clinic to explore some of the work that has changed the life of my brumbies. People took away their freedom and pride. I had to find a way to give it back if we were to have a motivation and horse connection.

The key is finding what motivates our horses. The horse clinic day will be based on an ethological approach to interacting with my herd. Your observational skills will be tested and guided. Carefully observing a herd that has freedom provides some interesting observations that provide a different window on a wild horse's world.

Day limited to six people. Cost: a small fee to cover lunch and insurance costs will be charged. On Lynn's journey of self discovery scientists and talented horse people offered their help and advice for no charge. This is Lynn's way of saying thank you.

             For horse clinic enquiries                  please email:


             or follow her blog entries of              her wild brumbies        


Clinics exploring the sciences in horsemanship

Ground breaking scientific research is rewriting the way we look at horse management and interaction. 


The challenge is: Do we know what the scientists are discovering about the way horses behave, interact, communicate? If we do, it has the chance to change our relationship with our horse.

What do we want more than anything? A 

relationship built on connection. Despite our best efforts nothing really changes. Our horse still lacks motivation and a true connection with us.

If this is your experience perhaps the research offered by behavioural scientists may offer some ways to have the relationship we most desire with our horse.

My journey with wild horses showed me some of the traditional ways didn't always work. Scientists offered  help from their research and observations. I tried them, they worked. 

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