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Moon Mountain Sanctuary

At Moon Mountain it is about the horse and how to provide a life based on herd movement and interaction. No fences divide the property, except for boundary fences. The herd moves around the Sanctuary, making their own decisions and establishing their own friendships within the herd. 

People took away the brumbies true freedom when they were trapped in the Guy Fawkes River National Park. Moon Mountain Sanctuary has given them back some of the life of choice, low stress, herd dynamics and freedom. 

Eumundi, QLD, Australia

Clinic enquiries e-mail:

Moon Mountain Sanctuary Horses

Horse Clinics

Just four times a year Moon Mountain Sanctuary opens its doors for others to be able to observe the life of a horse herd running free.

Our one-day horse clinics explore some of the work that has changed the life of my brumbies.

Carefully observing a herd that has freedom provides some interesting observations that provide a different window on a wild horses world.

Moon Mountain Sanctuary
Moon Mountain Sanctuary
Sakima @ Moon Mountain Sanctuary


After being caught in the wild, Lynn came into Sakima's life and the meeting would change both of their lives forever. Sitting in the paddock for six months waiting for Sakima to come near her was just the start. Sakima would take Lynn on a journey like no other.










Seeing Sakima is truly a window on a wild stallions life, who is taking the domestic journey while keeping his essential wildness. A special, special boy.

Sakima & Lynn Scott
Sakima & Lynn @ Moon Mountain Sanctuary
Dorado @ Moon Mountain Sanctuary


Tiny, like most brumbies Dorado packs character and a curiosity into his life and is always eager to meet new people. 

Nothing thrills him more than a game of football or catch the ball.


Dorado and Lynn are learning traditional Spanish dressage from master instructor, José Mendez. Dorado has become wonderfully flexible as he learns to move his body differently to the wild. Piaffe and Spanish Walk just around the corner.

Dorado & Sakima @ Moon Mountain Sanctuary
Dorado & Lynn Scott @ Moon Mountain Sanctuary

Sali Horse

Cute and beautiful, beguiling traits for a young golden palomino brumby. Sali, short for Sovereign Amber Lace is a brumby caught between two worlds. Born in the wild but raised in captivity, presented issues for Sali's adjustment to life outside the herd.

Sali Horse and friends @ Moon Mountain Sanctuary
Sali Horse @ Moon Mountain Sanctuary
Dorado, Sali Horse & Sakima @ Moon Mountain Sanctuary
Sali Horse @ Moon Mountain Sanctuary
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